Sharod Shree 2017 Award Winner :

  •  Best Artist : Bhabatosh Sutar - sb Park Sarbojanin
  • Best Music : Joy sarkar - beliaghata 33 no palli bashi brinda
  • Best Advertisement :  Nalin sarkar street 
  • Best creative puja : Dum Dum Tarun Dal
  • Best new puja : Baghajatin tarun sangha
  • Best Theme : 64 pally durgotsav committee
  • Best theme : 41 Pally club - haridevpur
  • Best Image : Chetla Agrani Club
  • Best Image : Hindusthan Park Sarbojanin
  • Best Puja : SB Park Sarbojanin Durgotsab
  • Best Puja : Nalin sarkar street

Smoke Free Durga Puja 2017 - Winner

  • Sera Bhabna : hatibagan sarbojanin durgotsav committee
  • Sera Initiative : Behala Buroshibtalla Janakalyan Sangha
  • Sera Initiative : Behala 29 Pally
  • Samajikotai Sera : Kestopur profulla kanan adhibasi brinda
  • Samajikotai Sera : Kalighat Nepal Bhattacharjee Street Club

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